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Welcome to HC12Web.de!

This site is dedicated to users of HC12 and HCS12 microcontrollers made by Freescale - formerly known as Motorola Semiconductor. Here you can find a large amount of links and resources for this family of 16-bit microcontrollers.

Since the introduction of Motorola's 68HC812A4 in 1996, there has been an increasing demand for information about HC12 development tools, software, sample projects and technical resources. During my work as a microcontroller consultant, I've been talking to HC12 users nearly every day. Finally, I started to collect all sorts of information about the MC68HC12 and provide an easy accessible directory for everyone who works with HC12 MCUs.

In March 2002, Motorola has launched the new HCS12 product line. Since the HCS12 is a direct ugrade to the existing HC12 family, most of the links and information provided here are suitable for both lines.

Latest addition (though, expected to be available not before 2005) is the advanced HCS12X, providing even more features, including the XGATE DMA coprocessor.

The Web is growing and changing every day, and so is the HC12Web.de site. As a consequence, there are always a couple outdated links to information that is obsolete. So, please drop me a note if you find such broken links or any new HC12 and HCS12 stuff!

Happy HC12ing! Oliver Thamm
mailto: othc12web.de

D Veröffentlichungen
(list of publications)

Premium Contents on HC12Web.de:

...the prerequisites:

Overview HC12 Derivatives
  HC812A4 HC912B32 HC912BC32 HC912D60/
CPU Core CPU12 CPU12 CPU12 CPU12 CPU12 HCS12
Operating Voltage 4.5-5.5V 4.5-5.5V 4.5-5.5V 4.5-5.5V 4.5-5.5V 4.75-5.25V
Flash - 32K 32K 60K (f) 128K (f) 256K
EEPROM 4K 768 768 1K 2K 4K
RAM 1K 1K 1K 2K 8K 12K
Bus Interface Non-MUX (a) MUX MUX MUX MUX MUX
Bus Clock ECLK max. 8 MHz 8 MHz 8 MHz 8 MHz 8 MHz 25 MHz
PLL x - - x x x
PWM (Ch. x Bit) - 4 x 8 (b) 4 x 8 (b) 4 x 8 (b) 4 x 8 (b) 8 x 8 (c)
SCI 2 1 1 2 (e) 2 2
SPI 1 1 1 1 1 3
IIC - - - - 1 1
CAN - - 1 1 2 5
BDLC - 1 - - - 1
ADC (Ch x Bit) 8 x 8 8 x 10 8 x 10 16 x 10 /
8 x 10
16 x 10 16 x 10
BDM x (d) x x x x x
I/O Lines
(max. ohne PORTE)
85 55 55 80 / 52 81 83
Key-Wakeup Lines 24 - - 15 / 2 16 20
Package TQFP112 QFP80 QFP80 TQFP112 /
(a) supports Memory Pageing (max. 5 MB), 7 Chip Selects
(b) or 2 x 16
(c) or 4 x 16
(d) no Hardware Breakpoints
(e) optional: 1x SCI + 1x MI-BUS
(f) D60A/DG128A with improved Flash Memory Module
TIM = Standard Timer Module
ECT = Enhanced Capture Timer
MUX = Multiplexed External Bus Interface
Non-MUX = Non-Multiplexed Ext. Bus Interface

...from the Ranch:

Links to HC12 Resources on Freescale Servers
Freescale (formerly Motorola) manufactures a huge amount of silicon - you'll find out if you ever search Freescale's web resources for a specific information! Actually, I have given up to update my deep links, because they seem to change continously. So, find out yourself, starting at: Plus something special:
  • This document was missing for a long time - thanks to Oliver Betz for finding it again:
    Jim "The HC12 Jedi" Sibigtroth's 3-part Introduction of the M68HC12 (PDF)
...engineer's chat room:
Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
While other manufacturers host large community-driven interactive systems on their websites, Motorola has decided to close their own HC08 mailing list in May 2002. It has been a nice forum for years, thanks to all users who have participated so actively. Now, there is only a Yahoo group dedicated to HC12 and HCS12 issues. Some poeple like it - some do not.

The following Internet Mailing Lists discuss HC12 topics. BTW: it's a good idea to read the messages on the list for a while to learn how the Mailing List subscribers communicate, before posting your own messages or questions.

Mailing List operated by: Motorola ImageCraft Software Yahoo Groups
Administration email address of the list server: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com -
Administration Web interface of the list server: n/a http://www.dragonsgate.net
Subscribe to the mailing list: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com
Cancel subscription to the mailing list: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com
Email address for your postings and replys to the list: n/a icc-mot@imagecraft.com 68HC12@yahoogroups.com

To take part in a Mailing Liste you first must subscribe to the Maling List. To do so, just send an Email to the address of the List Server containing the message body "subscribe..." (see above). The Email's Topic line can be left empty - it has no meaning to the List Server.

Always use the right address: Commands (such as "subscribe" or "unsubscribe") go to the Address of the List Server. Messages always go to the Address of the List!

After your subscription to a specific Mailing List, the List Server usually sends a subscription confirmation. This message should be saved, because it also contains advice how to leave the Mailing List if required.

Currently there aren't any Newsgroups specifically dedicated to HC12 microcontrollers.

...value for free:

Shareware and Free Software incl. Code Samples for the HC12
E Tom Almy's HC12 Simulator SIMHC12 is implemented in Java
E MiniIDE is an integrated cross assembler for the HC12/HC11. It also incorporates an editor and a serial communication terminal. Very cool program!
E On Karl Lunt's Homepage you can find another Crossassembler for the 68HC12. The Amateur Robotics Fan also has created an HC12 version of his SBasic Compiler.
E The universal Makroassembler AS from Alfred Arnold is a good choice if you're looking for an HC12 assembler
E CANchat contains demo code showing how to set up both the internal msCAN module (HC912D60) and an external stand-alone CAN controller (SJA1000 on a HC12compact) - assembly language (use Makroassembler AS, see above)
E GCC everywhere: GNU Development Chain for 68HC11&68HC12
E HSW12 - HC(S)12 IDE for Linux including assembler, terminal and tools - by Dirk Heisswolf
E Apple related: OS-X Tools for the HC12 - Rob Barris presents the AS12 assembler, a GCC 68HC12 install script and the SRecCvt tool for the Mac
E FreeRTOS.org FreeRTOS is a portable, open source, mini Real Time Kernel with ports for a number of microcontroller families

...interesting stuff:

HC12 Community: Projects, Links, Resources
D The project Antriebscontroller mit CAN-Anbindung uses an HC912BC32 to drive motors over the CAN-Bus
E Jaap van Ganswijk's marvellous Chip Directory also provides information about Motorola's 6812 Microcontroller family!
E Another important Web Resource for Embedded Developers is eg3.com
E Project RAM.Bo32 - RAM Add-on Board for the Motorola 912B32 EVB (with technical background information about the B32's expanded bus interface)
D RAM! Mehr RAM! - the RAM.Bo32 project article in German
E ICC12 Software examples and other interesting HC12 resources (Embedded/Realtime) from Jonathan W. Valvano, including Simulator TExaS (Test Execute and Simulate) and Web version of the book Developing Embedded Software in C Using ICC11/ICC12/Hiware
E HC12 Resources - Link collection from Marius Greuel
E EE308 - Microcontrollers at New Mexico Tech's Electrical Engineering Department (Dr William Rison)
D Learning Microprocessor System Lemps12 - an educational HC12 system from the Gewerblich-Industrielle Berufsschule Bern
E MC68HC11 and M68HC12 RESOURCES by Dr. Fred Cady at Montana State University
E 68HC12 Examples and Documentation by Prof. Todd Morton at Western Washington University
E Loetronic hard disk based MP3 player project using an HC12 by Moritz Schwarz
E The University of Texs at El Paso: EE3376 Introduction to Embedded Systems (Microprocessors I) This is a comprehensive university website covering the HCS12 from a beginners point of view. There are over 400 pages of useful information and code!
E freegeeks.net - An open resource for HC(S)08, HCS12(X) and 56800/E MCUsers - maintained by Jim Stuart

...reading cultivates the mind:

Articles published in Magazines or Online
E Ron Wilson:
Seeks 16-bit hc11 migration path - Moto spins new MCU line
EE Times May 27 1996
E Jim Sibigtroth:
A Single Wire Development Interface
Circuit Cellar INK Issue 72 July 1996 p. 34ff.
E James M. Sibigtroth:
Hybrid approach gives MCU a fuzzy edge
EE Times July 29 1996
D Ross Banatyne:
HC12 spricht Fuzzy
Design & Elektronik 19 17.9.96 S. 40ff.
E Karl Lunt:
Three guys take on the 68hc12
Nuts & Volts Magazine 09/96 p. 87ff.
D Oliver Thamm, Jim Sibigtroth:
HC12 - der Thronfolger: Eine Einführung
Funkamateur 11/96 S. 1230ff.
D Oliver Thamm:
Design Corner: Elf plus Evaluation Board zu Motorolas 68HC12
ELRAD 11/96 S. 37ff.
D Jim Sibigtroth, Oliver Thamm:
Nabelschnur Single-wire Background Debug Mode Interface des 68HC12
ELRAD 11/96 S. 40ff.
E Kevin Ross:
An Overview of the 68HC12
Encoder - The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society; Issue January 1997
D Oliver Thamm, Jim Sibigtroth:
Türöffner Scheckkartenboard und Monitor für den 68HC12
ELRAD 2/97 S. 40ff.
D Oliver Thamm:
Design & Elektronik 6/97 S. 61f.
D Oliver Thamm, Jim Sibigtroth:
Zugang Background-Debug-Interface mit HC12 für HC12
ELRAD 6/97 S. 34ff.
E Kevin Ross:
Programming the 68HC12
Encoder - The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society; Issue October 1997
E Gordon Doughman, Jim Sibigtroth:
'HC12 Development Using a Serial BDM
Circuit Cellar INK Issue 90 January 1998 p. 20ff.
D Oliver Thamm, Thomas Wurlitzer, Andreas Hertenberger:
Kompaktklasse Universeller HC12 Einplatinenrechner
ELRAD 2/98 S. 20ff.
D Oliver Thamm, Thomas Wurlitzer, Andreas Hertenberger:
Kompaktklasse 2. Teil: Flash-Algorithmen auf dem HC12compact
ELRAD 3/98 S. 49ff.
D Oliver Thamm, Thomas Wurlitzer, Andreas Hertenberger:
Kompaktklasse 3. Teil: Arbeiten mit dem HC12compact
ELRAD 4/98 S. 38ff.
E Kevin Ross:
The 68HC912B32 PWM Module
Encoder - The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society; Issue April 1998
E Kevin Ross:
Interrupts on the 68HC12
Encoder - The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society; Issue September 1998
E Phil Meek:
Using background debug mode on the 68HC12
Embedded Systems Programming Europe April/1999 p. 8ff.
E Doug Leppard, Benjamin Leppard:
Booting up the 68HC912B32 for the first time
Encoder - The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society; Issue June 1999
D Oliver Thamm:
RAM! Mehr RAM! - RAM Add-On Board für das Motorola B32EVB
Design & Elektronik 7/99 S. 68ff. (Themenheft Embedded Systems)
D Oliver Thamm, Harald Kreidl:
HC12 Review - Übersicht HC12 Derivate und Evaluation Boards
Design & Elektronik 10/99 S. 69ff. (Themenheft Mikrocontroller und DSPs)
D Andreas Dannenberg, Oliver Thamm:
Schnellstart mit dem HC12
Welcome-Kit für den 16-Bit-Mikrocontroller von Motorola
ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Profiline Juni 2000 S. 24ff. (Sonderheft Embedded Systems)
D Oliver Thamm:
16-Bit-Mikrocontroller HC12 - Teil 1: Überblick für Um- und Einsteiger
Elektor 11/2000 S. 28ff.
D Oliver Thamm:
16-Bit-Mikrocontroller HC12 - Teil 2: Programmierung und Tools
Elektor 12/2000 S. 49ff.
D Oliver Thamm:
Debugging mit HC12 Mikrocontrollern
5. Workshop Mikrocontroller-Applikationen
Scientific Reports - Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida
ISSN 1437-7624; Nr.4/2000 S. 17ff.
D Oliver Thamm:
Mehr Biss fuer den Fisch
Entwurf einer Speichererweiterung für das HCS12-Businterface am Beispiel des "Barracuda" MC9S12DP2565
Embedded Engineering 2/2002 S. 9ff.
D Axel Bahr:
Colpitts- oder Pierce-Schaltung beim HCS12
D Oliver Thamm, Gerald Kupris:
Rapid-HCS12-Prototyping mit dem ChipS12-Controller-Modul
ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Profiline Dezember 2003 S. 18f. (Sonderheft World of Embedded)

...more to read:

Books on the HC12
E Jonathan W. Valvano:
Developing Embedded Software in C Using ICC11/ICC12/Hiware
Published Online!
E Jonathan W. Valvano:
Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing
One of the main aspects of this book is the simulator TExaS for the HC12 (and other MCUs) - Overview
Brooks-Cole Publishers 2000; contains CD-ROM; ISBN 0-534-36642-2
E Jean J. Labrosse:
MicroC/OS-II - The Real Time Kernel
The book contains the µC/OS-II source code! (Ports for HC12 Compilers from Cosmic and Imagecraft available)
R&D Books 1998; 560 pages; with floppy disk; ISBN 0-87930-543-6
E Richard E. Haskell:
Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers
"This is the first book to describe, in detail, the new Motorola 68HC12 microcontoller, how to program it, and how to design embedded systems using the 68HC12. It shows how WHYP (a version of Forth written specifically for this book) can be used to program the new 68HC12 microcontroller in an efficient and interactive way."
Prentice Hall 1999; ca. 500 pages; ISBN: 0130832081
E Gordon Doughman:
Programming the Motorola M68HC12 Family
Gordon Doughman seems to be the right person to write a book on the HC12 - after all, he was one of the designers of this new microcontroller!
Annabooks 2000; 576 pages; with CD-ROM; ISBN 0-929392-67-1
(in Germany available at Elektronikladen)
E Fredrick M. Cady, James M. Sibigtroth:
Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC12
Fred Cady teaches at the Montana State University and Jim Sibigtroth is one of the "fathers" of the HC12 - a perfect team to write an HC12 book, aren't they? More informationen about the book
Oxford University Press 2000; ca. 600 pages; ISBN 0-19-511046-3
E G. Jack Lipovski:
Introduction to Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, and Interfacing of the Motorola 68HC12
Academic Press Series in Engineering 1999; ca. 400 pages, with CD-ROM; ISBN 0124518311
E G. Jack Lipovski:
Single and Multi-Chip Microcontroller Interfacing for the Motorola 68HC12
Academic Press Series in Engineering 1999; ca. 490 pages; ISBN 0124518303
E Todd D. Morton:
Embedded Microcontrollers
Prentice-Hall 2001; 694 pages; ISBN 0139075771
E Daniel J. Pack, Steven F. Barrett:
68HC12 Microcontroller: Theory and Applications
Prentice Hall 2002; 509 pages; ISBN 0130337765 - (author's website)
D Harald Kreidl, Gerald Kupris, Oliver Thamm:
Hardware- und Softwareentwicklung mit dem 68HC12/HCS12

Hanser 2003, 300 Seiten, mit CD-ROM; ISBN 3-446-21775-4
(bestellen bei Elektronikladen)

...from experts:

Training, Courses, Classes
E Hilf GmbH offer open classes and inhouse training for MC68HC12/MC9S12X and many other microcontroller architectures

...what money can buy:

Commercial HC12 Development Tools: Compilers, Debuggers, Emulators...
E ICC12 ANSI-C Cross-Compiler with Windows IDE by ImageCraft
D ICC12 - Information in German
D NoICE12 HC12 Remote Debugger with C-Source Level Support
F Made in France: COSMIC C for 68HC12 - Cosmic Software is one of the HC12 C-Compiler pioneers. The compiler is said to be rock solid, so it only depends on your budget...
E Cosmic's US office (for those not so familiar with French :-)
D COSMIC@Elektronikladen - German info
E Metrowerks CodeWarrior for HC12 and HCS12 - C/C++/compactC++ Compiler, Debugger, Simulator, IDE
E Made in Sweden: IAR Systems Embedded Workbench, Integrated C Compiler, C-Spy Debugger are available for the HC12
E Made in Germany: TRACE32 Microprocessor Development Tools from Lauterbach GmbH
E iC3000 ActiveEmulator and GUI (WinIDEA) by iSystem GmbH
E iONE ONchipEmulator for BDM-based systems by iSystem GmbH
E Very British: FlexBDM Debugger from Noral Micrologics
E Noral also offers the Flex-Sim/Cpu12 Debugger (free trial download)
E Nohau Corporation makes both BDM as well as "full featured" Emulators for the HC12/HCS12. Also check out the Publications and Documents section on their site
E Sid Price's StingRay BDM12 Debugger
E DProbeHC12, DProbeS12 - In-Circuit Emulators by Hitex
E TantinoS12 - compact BDM debug hardware by Hitex
E Processor Expert - Product Releases for HCS12 - component oriented application builder, generates code using "Embedded Beans"
E Several HC12 Tools by P&E Microcomputer Systems
E RTXC Real Time Kernel by Quadros Systems Inc.
D BDM12 Source Code Debugger HC12ICD by J. Krummsdorf, supports HC12 and HCS12, trial version available
E MPE Forth 6 cross compiler is available with VFX code generator for 68HC12
E iCall Software Visualization and Stack Analyzer from AbsInt include versions for 68HC12/HCS12
E Encirq 3e is a tool suite for creating data management functions for embedded systems
D Ein umfangreiches Tutorial zur DEV12 Toolchain erläutert das Zusammenspiel zwischen C-Compiler (ICC12), Debugger (NoICE12), BDM-Pod (ComPOD12) und HCS12 Zielhardware (CardS12.D64 mit TwinPEEKs Monitor) während der Anwendungsentwicklung

...hands-on hardware:

HC12 Evaluation Boards, Controller Modules and Single Board Computers
E Motorola make Evaluation Boards, e.g. for the HC912D60/DG128 and the HC912B32 (the wide spread B32EVB)
D More RAM for B32EVB users: RAM.Bo32 is 128KB fast static RAM to plug on Motorola's HC912B32 EVB
D HC12 Welcome Kit - Low cost Starter Kit with the HC812A4 by Elektronikladen
E HC12 Welcome Kit - same as above but in English
D ZWERG12 is a small (51mm x 54mm / 2.0" x 2.1") Controller Module with an HC912B32 (Elektronikladen)
D Card12.D60 - Creditcard-sized HC912D60 Controller Module with 60KB Flash and CAN-Controller by Elektronikladen, also available in a 'DG128 version
E Card12.D60 - same as above but in English
D HC12compact - Single Board Computer / Data Logger with a lot of memory and peripherals around an HC812A4 MCU (Elektronikladen)
E HC12compact - same as above but in English
E Adapt812, Adapt812DX, Adapt912, Adapt912DT60 and Adapt912DG128 are Microcontroller Modules made by Technological Arts
E CMD-12A4, CME-12A4 and CME-12B32 are HC12 Single Board Computers from Axiom Manufacturing
F SERIElectronique offers MC12, a 68HC12 development system, incl. RTOS and TCP/IP add-on. Platform for the S3R1 robot.
E HCS12 T-Board Versatile HCS12 Controller Board, compatible with Motorola's Barracuda EVB
E S12compact feature-rich HCS12 controller board - base hardware of the ACPRD reference design
E CardS12.D64 credit card-sized controller module with MC9S12D64 (optionally with MC9S12DG256)
E LVCS12.E128 Low-Voltage HCS12 Controller Module with MC9S12E128
E ChipS12.C32 MC9S12C32-based industrial-grade controller module with DIP40 footprint

...think fuzzy:

Fuzzy using HC12 Microcontrollers
E Inform are the makers of fuzzyTECH, a suite of fuzzy development tools available for many different targets. Read the article Demonstration Model of fuzzyTECH Implementation on Motorola 68HC12 MCU

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