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Articles, Links and Resources for Users of the Motorola* HC12 and HCS12 Microcontroller Families

This site is dedicated to users of HC12 and HCS12 microcontrollers made by Freescale - formerly known as (*) Motorola Semiconductor, now owned by NXP. Here you can find a large amount of links and resources related to these 16-bit microcontroller families.

Since the introduction of Motorola's 68HC812A4 in 1996, there has been an increasing demand for information about HC12 development tools, software, sample projects and technical resources. During my work as a microcontroller consultant, I've been talking to HC12 users nearly every day. Finally, I started to collect all sorts of information about the MC68HC12 and provide an easily accessible directory for everyone who works with HC12 MCUs.

In March 2002, Motorola has launched the new HCS12 product line. Because the HCS12 is a direct ugrade to the existing HC12 family, most of the links and information provided here are suitable for both lines.

Latest addition (though, expected to be available not before 2005) is the advanced HCS12X, providing even more features, including the XGATE DMA coprocessor.

The Web is growing and changing every day, and so is the HC12Web.de site. As a consequence, there are always a couple outdated links to information that is obsolete. So, please drop me a note if you find such broken links or any new HC12 and HCS12 stuff!

Happy HC12ing!
Oliver Thamm

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