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Books on the HC12

  • Jonathan W. Valvano:
    Developing Embedded Software in C Using ICC11/ICC12/Hiware
    Published Online!

  • Jonathan W. Valvano:
    Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing
    One of the main aspects of this book is the simulator TExaS for the HC12 (and other MCUs) - Overview
    Brooks-Cole Publishers 2000; contains CD-ROM; ISBN 0-534-36642-2

  • Jean J. Labrosse:
    MicroC/OS-II - The Real Time Kernel
    The book contains the &http://www.ucos-ii.com181;C/OS-II source code! (Ports for HC12 Compilers from Cosmic and Imagecraft available)
    R&D Books 1998; 560 pages; with floppy disk; ISBN 0-87930-543-6

  • Richard E. Haskell:
    Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers
    "This is the first book to describe, in detail, the new Motorola 68HC12 microcontoller, how to program it, and how to design embedded systems using the 68HC12. It shows how WHYP (a version of Forth written specifically for this book) can be used to program the new 68HC12 microcontroller in an efficient and interactive way."
    Prentice Hall 1999; ca. 500 pages; ISBN: 0130832081

  • Gordon Doughman:
    Programming the Motorola M68HC12 Family
    Gordon Doughman seems to be the right person to write a book on the HC12 - after all, he was one of the designers of this new microcontroller!
    Annabooks 2000; 576 pages; with CD-ROM; ISBN 0-929392-67-1

  • Fredrick M. Cady, James M. Sibigtroth:
    Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC12
    Fred Cady teaches at the Montana State University and Jim Sibigtroth is one of the "fathers" of the HC12 - a perfect team to write an HC12 book, aren't they? More informationen about the book
    Oxford University Press 2000; ca. 600 pages; ISBN 0-19-511046-3

  • G. Jack Lipovski:
    Introduction to Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, and Interfacing of the Motorola 68HC12
    Academic Press Series in Engineering 1999; ca. 400 pages, with CD-ROM; ISBN 0124518311

  • G. Jack Lipovski:
    Single and Multi-Chip Microcontroller Interfacing for the Motorola 68HC12
    Academic Press Series in Engineering 1999; ca. 490 pages; ISBN 0124518303

  • Todd D. Morton:
    Embedded Microcontrollers
    Prentice-Hall 2001; 694 pages; ISBN 0139075771

  • Daniel J. Pack, Steven F. Barrett:
    68HC12 Microcontroller: Theory and Applications
    Prentice Hall 2002; 509 pages; ISBN 0130337765 - (author's website)

  • Harald Kreidl, Gerald Kupris, Oliver Thamm:
    Hardware- und Softwareentwicklung mit dem 68HC12/HCS12

    Hanser 2003, 300 Seiten, mit CD-ROM; ISBN 3-446-21775-4