...hands-on hardware:
HC12 Evaluation Boards, Controller Modules and Single Board Computers

  • Motorola make Evaluation Boards, e.g. for the HC912D60/DG128 and the HC912B32 (the wide spread B32EVB)

  • More RAM for B32EVB users: RAM.Bo32 is 128KB fast static RAM to plug on Motorola's HC912B32 EVB

  • HC12 Welcome Kit - Low cost Starter Kit with the HC812A4 by Elektronikladen

  • HC12 Welcome Kit - same as above but in English

  • ZWERG12 is a small (51mm x 54mm / 2.0" x 2.1") Controller Module with an HC912B32 (Elektronikladen)

  • Card12.D60 - Creditcard-sized HC912D60 Controller Module with 60KB Flash and CAN-Controller by Elektronikladen, also available in a 'DG128 version

  • Card12.D60 - same as above but in English

  • HC12compact - Single Board Computer / Data Logger with a lot of memory and peripherals around an HC812A4 MCU (Elektronikladen)

  • HC12compact - same as above but in English

  • Adapt812, Adapt812DX, Adapt912, Adapt912DT60 and Adapt912DG128 are Microcontroller Modules made by Technological Arts

  • CMD-12A4, CME-12A4 and CME-12B32 are HC12 Single Board Computers from Axiom Manufacturing

  • SERIElectronique offers MC12, a 68HC12 development system, incl. RTOS and TCP/IP add-on. Platform for the S3R1 robot.

  • HCS12 T-Board Versatile HCS12 Controller Board, compatible with Motorola's Barracuda EVB

  • S12compact feature-rich HCS12 controller board - base hardware of the ACPRD reference design

  • CardS12.D64 credit card-sized controller module with MC9S12D64 (optionally with MC9S12DG256)

  • LVCS12.E128 Low-Voltage HCS12 Controller Module with MC9S12E128

  • ChipS12.C32 MC9S12C32-based industrial-grade controller module with DIP40 footprint